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Originally published as How important is it to wear a mask correctly? Did you do it? According to the epidemiological investigation, it is found that Most of the confirmed cases of COVID-19. There is no standard to wear masks. It is one of the important causes of virus infection. The importance of wearing masks can be explained by data: Novel coronavirus carriers and contacts did not wear masks, and the infection rate was 90%; New coronavirus carriers did not wear masks, the other side wore masks, the infection rate was 30%; Novel coronavirus carriers wear masks, the other party does not wear masks, the infection rate is 5%; The novel coronavirus carriers and each other wore masks, and the infection rate was 1.5%; Both sides wore masks and kept a distance of more than 1.8 meters, with an infection rate of 0%. Whether wearing a mask is useful or not depends on many factors. A mask cannot be used indefinitely or indefinitely. Under normal circumstances, the cumulative use of disposable medical masks and surgical mask should not exceed 8 hours; the use of masks by occupational exposure personnel should not exceed 4 hours, and they should not be used again. If used in high-risk situations or after contact with patients,KN95 Face Mask, the mask must be discarded after one use. However, in daily life, such as parks, roads, public places with relatively sparse flow of people,Medical Disposable Coverall, the mask can be removed and placed in a ventilated environment to dry naturally and continue to use. In addition, infants under 3 years old should not wear masks, easy to cause asphyxia, should be based on passive protection, parents try to avoid taking children to crowded public places. Masks need to be stored separately, five ways to make masks "ineffective" First, the mask is pulled up to the chin and hung on the arm. During an outbreak, there may be viruses suspended in the environment. The neck and chin are areas of exposure to the virus. When the mask is pulled to the chin, Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop ,free shipping disposable coverall, the inner layer of the mask will be contaminated. When the mask is worn back to the mouth and nose, the risk of virus infection will be increased. Hanging on the arm, when the limbs move, they may inadvertently come into contact with items contaminated by viruses, and the range of arm movement is larger, the inner layer of the mask is easily contaminated with dust and bacteria, which can not play a protective role, and it is more likely to be infected when re-wearing. Second, it doesn't fit the face well. There is a gap between the mask and the face, and when people breathe, the airflow will flow to the gap. Tests have found that the leakage rate of external bacteria reaches 100%. That is to say, there is a gap between the mask and the face, which will seriously reduce the filtering effect of the mask. Third, touch the outside of the mask when taking off the mask. If you take it off directly from the outside by hand, it is equivalent to opening the channel of contact transmission virus. Hands may be contaminated by the outside of the mask, if you forget to wash your hands, touch your nose and rub your eyes, the virus will enter the human body unconsciously. Fourth, the mask is worn backwards. Disposable surgical mask generally have three layers, the outer layer is water-resistant, the middle layer is particle-resistant, and the inner layer is hygroscopic. If the mask is worn backwards, the water-blocking outer layer is inward, and the exhaled water vapor cannot pass through. If the mask is wet after wearing for a while, it will lose its blocking effect. Fifth, spray the mask with alcohol. Masks can protect against viruses because viruses can form small particles with liquid droplets and attach to masks. Spray the surface of the mask with alcohol. When the alcohol volatilizes, it will take away the water inside. When it is used again, the isolated virus may be inhaled. Note that the masks used in hospitals are disposed of as medical waste,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, and the masks used in other places can be sprayed with alcohol for disinfection before being discarded. Wearing masks scientifically is to protect both oneself and others. Expand the full text While wearing a mask We should wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, gather less and keep a one-meter line. Always remember to do personal protection. Benefit one's own interests and protect one's health Source: Changsha Evening News of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Editor of this issue: Shan Yongmei Editor of this issue: Fang Yiwen Classic review of past issues Spring farming production is just in time. 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