The Avenger of No Return _ Hisayuki Nishimura

Judging from the rare and pitiful memory before, the problem should still lie in my life experience, right?

Don't move! Although there was no unusual feeling in the darkness, the man might be among them. Thirty minutes or an hour, motionless, this may be a tactic to find out where the opponent is, if impatient and open the door, it is better to be where the bullets will fly. Is the same true of Minegishi? Of course, he should have felt the previous movement, but he could not move. If you move, you die. Now, a situation of three people peeping at each other, no matter which side moves, it is death. Perhaps the man had an animal's sense of smell, and had smelled someone lurking in the middle of the reception room and the study? Ten minutes passed. Twenty minutes passed. Still in the situation of three people peeping at each other. Harada felt that he had fallen into the man's trap, and that the trap he had set might come home to roost. If the man did sneak in,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, this is the case. If the man had been aware of this, he would have had an immediate advantage. Perhaps the man was aware of this from the beginning, so he did not hesitate to enter the trap. Another ten or twenty minutes passed. Harada's body was stiff. Go out resolutely-Harada has thought so many times. If you want to compete with the hidden man in the darkness, you must meet the dawn in this state. But Harada did not move. No, I can't move. Here,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, with a foolish movement, there is no doubt that what awaits is death. Boom! A terrible noise pierced the silence of the night. The voice came from the reception room. The sound was like furniture falling down. There was only one silence again. Harada came out. I didn't hear the shot. Was Minegishi hit? After being hit, he fell on the table. Harada is dizzy. 29 Light came from the drawing room. Out of the light came a man. Yoshiyuki Harada rushed in with a thrust. Stop it! Bastard, it's me. Minegishi shouted. Harada stopped before Minegishi could speak, having noticed that it was Minegishi. If it had been a moment later, Minegishi's brain or abdomen would have been punctured. This time, Harada threw it alone and exerted all his strength. How's that guy? "Over there." Minegishi stroked his chin. The man collapsed in the reception room as if he had died. His arms were behind his back and his wrists were handcuffed. It's so sharp. "This is a profession." Minegishi poured a glass of water and drank it. Do you know he sneaked in? "I know.". This guy stood in front of the door for about 30 minutes before he slowly opened the door. It took five minutes just to open the door. Terrible guy, all cold. "So you were beaten?" "It's a pistol." "It's dangerous." "Yes." Minegishi nodded. Who became his target? It's 100% hopeless. This guy is a real death. While I was waiting, I felt like I was going to die. With these words, Minegishi kicked the man in the chest and poured the water from the cup into his face. The man woke up, Quillaja Saponin ,Glucono Delta Lactone, slowly raised his body and looked at Harada and Minegishi with deep and concave eyes. Kill it. The man's voice was muddy. It's all yours. Minegishi sat on the sofa. Don't say anything. I want to interrogate this guy. "I know." Minegishi, bring the whiskey. Hey, what's the name? Harada put the wooden knife in front of him. Kill it. The man closed his eyes tightly. The light reflected on the thin and high cheekbones, a sinister face, like death. Harada stabbed the wooden knife into the man's right shoulder. The man groaned in pain. Name "Zong Fangye." "Is it a professional murderer?" "That's what it's called." Beads of painful sweat broke out on Munakata's forehead. Was it you who killed my father and insulted my sister? "Yes." The man nodded with a pale face and closed his eyes. Are you going to run away? The reason was that he was puzzled by the man's expression. At the scene of the attack, a woman came. It was Ryoko Yemai. Where did the bullet hit when you shot? "Right wrist." Ryoko Yemai was taken away by the American car like that. Is that American your accomplice? "No, I didn't conspire with anyone." The right shoulder is sunken. Hit by a wooden knife. The clavicle is broken. However, Zong Fang did not even frown, and his eyes were closed and his eye sockets were deeply sunken. Masao Hojo, you killed Hiroichi Sekine, too! 'Yes. ” "By whom?" "I can't say that." "Don't say?"? If I don't give you some color, you don't know how awesome it is. "Kill it." My voice is hoarse. Is it?.. Munakata felt that death was imminent. This is a man who does not speak easily. Put your legs out. Munakata stretched out his legs. Harada flashed his wooden knife at the shin of his right leg, and there was a terrible sound. Zongfang's body leaned back and fell down. "It may not be useful," Minegishi interjected. Even if you vomit, it is also directed by the root group. The man may not know about Shimanaka and Nakaoka. It could be. But Harada lifted Munakata up to revive him. The only hope is Munakata's confession. We must get something from this man. "No.." Not to mention, the left leg is going to be left. "Kill, kill, kill!" Munakata groaned, clenching his teeth. Kill, kill, kill. "No." Harada beat his toenails with a wooden knife, and there was a dull sound, as if the bones were broken. Munakata fainted again. Harada wiped his sweat and waved his wooden knife, burning with anger. The man killed Hojo, killed Sekine, shot his father who was trying to escape, cruelly humiliated his sister in front of his eyes, killed her again, fired at the wild wheat, and then took Harada himself as the target and broke into Harada's house again. This man will never be forgiven! Broken collarbones, broken wrists, broken legs, even if not tortured to death,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, can not recover. Harada brought up Munakata again. He also knew that he had made Zongfang look like this. In this image, he saw the naked body of his sister. Harada had perverted and forgot that Minegishi was looking at him. Kill, kill.. 。