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Judging from the rare and pitiful memory before, the problem should still lie in my life experience, right?

Of course, this is not to say that the other four governing races do not have meat shield warriors. Similar to the gnome race, there are various constructs of golems, which can be used as melee shields. But a construct golem is a puppet, and if you want to become a summoned creature, you have to install an alchemical soul on it, which is too expensive. The Wind Elementals have Ice Crystal Giants, the Rakshas have Hydra and Swamp Ogre, and the Moonlight Elves have Dryads and Mountain Giants, all of which are powerful creatures with strong melee ability and vitality. However, these creatures are high-level creatures, not to mention Qin Lun can not control, these races can not satisfy him. Only the Demon Clan has a lot of hybrid creatures because of their temperament. These hybrid creatures are not pure demons, born with low intelligence, but the thin demon blood in their bodies gives them strong vitality and fighting ability, which is the best material for low-level summoning creatures. I can feed back your request to the clan, but please understand one thing. Bellusos spread out his hand and looked at Qin Lun without saying any more. "I see. Equivalent exchange, so how many broken crystals do I have to pay?" Qin Lun said lightly. Don't worry, we'll talk when I'm ready to summon the creatures you need! Belluces said with a smile. Qin Lun sighed slightly as he watched Belutes go out. If possible, he really didn't want to deal with the Demons. The Demons are cunning and insidious. Although they are not going to cheat and blackmail the apostles,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, negotiations full of intrigue will never be pleasant. "Swish!" With the slight sound of breaking the air, the silver light flashed in the air from time to time. Stop With a stern rebuke, Qin Lun stopped practicing with a bitter face. The power of the sword lies in the thrust, not to let you use it as a fire stick! A sky-blue melon seed face appeared in front of Qin Lun, and the snake-like vertical pupil stared at him mercilessly, making Qin Lun feel like a frog being stared at by a poisonous snake. This is Qin Lun's swordsmanship coach, the Luocha woman who once taught him basic swordsmanship. Although this beautiful young woman of the Luocha clan is turbulent, her waist is like a willow,Thyroid Powder Factory, and her figure is better than many succubus. However, in Qin Lun's eyes, she is more like a demon than a succubus, and he still has the redness and swelling that has not subsided, all of which were pulled out by the Luocha woman with a wooden sword. How many times have I told you not to chop, but to stab, stab, understand? Even if you were an apostle, I would say the same thing. You have no swordsmanship. I won't come tomorrow. It's a waste of life! The Raksha woman angrily twisted her buttocks and left. Qin Lun frowned and sighed, staring at the FN-500, which had turned into a Narnian sword. For the next few days after his meeting with Berezes, he stayed at the training ground to practice his new skills and swordsmanship. The scroll of low-level skills has been used by him, and the basic swordsmanship has finally been upgraded to intermediate swordsmanship. However, after using the Narnia Sword in the training ground for a while, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, his enthusiasm for sword practice began to decline sharply, and even Joey did not seem satisfied with the form of the FN-500 Sword. Although he once again invited the demanding swordsmanship instructor, and although the slender sword had the good skill of sharpness, Qin Lun's practice did not improve at all. With the intermediate swordsmanship of the law body, he really has a good feeling of holding the sword, and can even cut off the wings of flies with the blade of the sword. But from time to time, he would chop the sword like a fire stick, and this habit could not be shaken off like a drug addiction, as long as his attention relaxed a little, he would use it unconsciously. After several days of groping, Qin Lun finally understood that the intermediate swordsmanship of the broken starry sky could not replace the real swordsmanship skills. The intermediate swordsmanship of the broken starry sky is equivalent to a kind of body touch, which can only make his body familiar with the weapon, that is, the so-called feel. If it is a gun, then there is a feel, there is the calculation of the combat model, he can fully play the power of the gun, intermediate gun proficiency appears to be no problem. However, the sword is different, swordsmanship is much more complex than spear, obviously not only by a touch can be mastered, he also needs the corresponding swordsmanship skills. Perhaps Qin Lun was born with a talent for shooting, but not for swordsmanship. He always felt that the Narnian sword was too light and thin to hold in his hand, and that it was not as light as a fire stick. Qin Lun tidied up and walked out of the training ground, thought for a moment, and then went to the auction house. He handed over most of the apostolic currency to Didi, not that he didn't pay attention to the auction house at all. Thirty thousand broken crystals and 1000 vouchers really can't buy anything good, not to mention that he needs to replenish and restore items. It's better to leave it to Didi to toss about. Whether there is a surprise or not, the little goblin will not use up all the apostolic currency. The rest plus the remaining 6000 broken crystals on his body are just enough to replenish and restore the items. However, now he still has two "ground stab" and "arc shooting" that he wants to exchange for other skill scrolls, which is not without money. FN-500 rate of fire is too slow, although the power is good, but the cooldown reaches 30 seconds, in fact, it is not suitable for the urgent pace of combat "fighting guns", he also needs to find two fast guns. Sitting in the box of the auction house, Qin Lun did not rush to find his own fast gun in the projector. Guns and weapons are the most auctioned items of all consignments at auction, bar none. He first searched for the classification of skill scrolls in the auction classification, perhaps because of the cold trading these days, there are still more than ten skill scrolls in the consignment of skill scrolls that have not been sold. However, after Qin Lun read the consignment introduction of those skill scrolls, he rolled his eyes and was speechless for a while. Although he was not as familiar with the price fluctuations of the auction as Didi, the price of the dozen or so skill scrolls was too high, and the failure to sell was entirely due to the fact that they could not be sold. One of the low-level scrolls, "Thrust",Kava Root Extract, actually charges 100,000 broken crystals or a designated type of dark gold equipment. This kind of price does not say clinch a deal, simply let a person look to be able to give birth to nameless fire.


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