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The hot spring we use is under the hot spring used by the men. Is it difficult for us to soak in their bath water?" "Don't worry, madam," said the tearful son hurriedly. "These two hot springs are not connected. There are many hot springs on this mountain. Eac

Just as they were talking, the door of the small hall was pushed open. Lord Chun led a group of guests dressed in various fur cloaks out of the hall. They were immediately startled by the colorful lanterns made of ice. Lord Chun laughed and said, "Do you know how these ice lanterns are made?" When they all said they didn't know, King Chun smiled at the two servants who were waiting on him and said, "Bring those molds here and show them to your excellencies." The two servants walked to the foot of the mountain where the square meets the mountain, brushed away a large pile of snow piled up there, and saw a black object. When they looked closely, they saw that it was a huge metal sphere, slightly larger than the ice hockey. The next person pushed the metal ball in front of the guests, did not know where the ball was, the ball was split in two from the middle, and immediately a frozen ice ball came out from inside. King Chun said with a smile, "There are a lot of iron balls like this piled up at the root of the mountain. They are the molds for making ice hockey. Just pour water into them, and they will be frozen hard overnight. If you want to make colorful ice hockey, just add some paint into them.". How about it, everyone, is the idea of ice hockey as a lamp wonderful? As soon as the voice fell,fine bubble diffuser, Niu Ruohua's father, Niu Boshi, immediately shouted loudly, clapped his hands and laughed: "Good idea!"! What a wonderful idea! Fortunately, this time I was lucky enough to be able to come to Wang Ye's palace, otherwise where could I see such a novel thing in my life?! King Chun laughed for a moment and said, "Now that I've seen the lantern,MBR reactor, it's time to take everyone to the mountain behind the most beautiful place in the world to enjoy themselves. Let's go!"! Go back to your rooms and get your things first! Get something? Take what? Do you want to climb to the back hill so late? Is Wang Ye's brain frozen? Seeing that Yue Qingyin was also walking into the hall, I had no choice but to follow him. Suddenly, the big bad guy of that season came up a few steps to his side and whispered in my ear, "Linger, be careful not to catch cold." Then he strode to the front. Looking at his tall figure sandwiched in the crowd like the background cloth, my lips can not help but smile slightly, as to what is laughing. Even I don't know. Hot springs and animals After following the crowd back to the interior of the Rainbow Hall, everyone went back to their rooms on their own floors to get things, and I was surprised to find that. I found that the room of the big bad guy was arranged opposite the room of Yue Qingyin and me! Heh. What a bad fate! The big bad guy Ji seemed to just know. He stood at the door and looked at me and Yue Qingyin with a smile. Yue Qingyin didn't even look at him. He pushed the door straight into the room. Naturally, I couldn't be so rude. So I stared at him very hard before I followed him into the door and closed it gently behind me. Then Yue Qingyin turned around and said with an expressionless face, "Have you brought all the bath utensils?"? I'm going to the hot spring in the back hill. Whoo! It turns out that the hot spring is in the back hill! Haha, I finally got my favorite hot spring bath! I nodded my head and went to the wardrobe to fetch the bath utensils for Yue Qingyin. "Be careful, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,disc air diffuser, brother," I said. "Don't catch cold. Why don't you take a thicker robe?" "You don't have to worry about being a brother. Just take care of yourself." Yue Qingyin said lightly and came over to take things out of the wardrobe by himself. Is my brother still angry about the song of life? I leaned my head against the cupboard door and looked at him. Yue Qingyin took one look at me and said lightly, "Why are you angry with me?" "Brother.." Soul was wrong to say those things in a fit of pique. Soul Song knows that his brother is all for the good of Soul Song. Brother, don't be angry with Lingge again, okay? I gently reached out and grabbed his sleeve and looked at him pitifully. Yue Qingyin brushed my hand away, took something and turned to the bedside. She packed it in a rattan basket and said, "Go and pack up your things." I had to go into the inner room to take my bath supplies and put them in the basket. When I returned to the outer room, I saw that he had opened the door and there was a noise in the corridor. Be puzzled to follow out, but see all the people are concentrated outside our door, is it because my action is too slow, this group of people can not wait, the collective ran to urge me? It can't be so outrageous. Ha-ha. Then she saw the maid open the tin door at the end of the corridor, and a tunnel appeared behind the door. The wall of the tunnel was uneven, which showed that it was formed naturally, not by human force. The ground was paved with stone slabs, quite flat, and every few meters on the wall of the cave there was a flaming torch for illumination. Two maids led the way, and they filed into the tunnel behind King Chun. After walking about fifty or sixty meters, there was another iron door in front of them. The maids opened the door, and suddenly the north wind with snow poured in from the tunnel entrance, which made everyone shiver collectively. Out of the cave in turn, you can see a mist transpiring in front of you, and a natural hot spring the size of a basketball court is presented in front of you surrounded by a low stone screen. The screen is inlaid with numerous glass lanterns, which makes the whole hot spring shrouded in a milky yellow warmth. And in the periphery of the screen, unexpectedly full of proud snow plum, there are several big plum trees, branches actually crossed the screen to the top of the hot spring, do not have some fun. Then he heard King Chun say to the others with a smile, "The hot springs here are distributed in a ladder shape. This one is the biggest. Going down from this step, there is a smaller one below, and then there is the smallest one below.". We men bathed in the largest hot spring, and the women had to go down a few steps and use the smaller ones. So, please, we have to enjoy it! Then they all praised the place as wonderful as a fairyland, and the maid's tears led the women to continue walking down the stone steps several times, only to see a circle of stone screens surrounding a slightly smaller hot spring. In the corner of the screen, there was a small pavilion, in which there were many stone boxes. Tears said to us, "These stone boxes are used to place the clothes that ladies and young ladies have taken off. There are also fragrant pancreas, petals and clogs beside the boxes. Please enjoy them slowly." "Wait a minute,multi disc screw press," said the coquettish Lady Sun. "The hot spring we use is under the hot spring used by the men. Is it difficult for us to soak in their bath water?" "Don't worry, madam," said the tearful son hurriedly. "These two hot springs are not connected. There are many hot springs on this mountain. Each hot spring is a separate spring." 。