Seducing all the sick girls in the world (Xitulanya)

Fang Lin smiled in his heart, and this man was quite interesting. However, after knowing his opponent tomorrow, Fang Lin's pupil shrank, no tears,metal racking systems, defeated Zhu Miaoxue's no tears, look at the strength, only under the sky!.

Yan Xuan smiled even more happily: "No?"? You should know what I mean very well, so you became angry and threw it at me. "This.." Ruan Ning had the cheek to pretend to be confused. "Your Majesty is oversensitive. I'm just shy." Yan Xuan laughed out loud: "The imperial concubine is really a clever person, the ice and snow is lovely." Ruan Ning was delighted and took advantage of the situation to pursue: "My little cleverness is compared with Your Majesty's great wisdom. It is the glimmer of fireflies to the sun and the moon. Even if I escape to the horizon, I can't escape from Your Majesty's palm." Yan Xuan almost did not laugh out loud, her little cleverness? Is she clever? But now that she mentioned the word "escape," Yan Xuan smiled and raised her chin. "I was just about to ask the imperial concubine why you wanted to escape." "I.." Ruan Ning suddenly realized that she had said the wrong thing. She shouldn't have mentioned running away at all! She wished she could go back in time to take back that sentence and quickly said, "I didn't run away. I just wanted to go out for a walk because I was too bored in the car." "Is it?" Yan Xuan suddenly hooked his neck and pulled him very close. "Stay with me obediently, or maybe one day when I'm in a good mood, I'll let you go back." Ruan Ning almost blurted out the word "really", but thanks to the timely brake, it did not lead to a big mistake. Sleep. Yan Xuan carelessly kissed her on the lips, picked up the tooth comb from the makeup box and handed it to her. "There's some itching on my scalp. You comb my hair." Taking off the jade crown and the jade hairpin, opening the braided smooth bun, Yan Xuan's hair is black and thick, densely draped over one shoulder, the warm white comb teeth slide down, faintly can hear a slight brushing sound, which reminds Ruan Ning of the long-haired beautiful young man in the ancient style cartoon. Devilishly, Ruan Ning asked, "Your Majesty, is your name really Amo?" "That's my childhood name." Yan Xuan squinted her eyes and let her comb slowly, and when her soft fingers touched her scalp, she felt a pleasant shudder. Yan Xuan suddenly stood up and stretched out his arms. "Undress me." Ruan Ning was startled, although she knew it was the duty of the imperial concubine, but undress. The last time they had been together for one night, but the situation that night was so strange that she only saw half of Yan Xuan's chest from beginning to end, and now suddenly asked her to undress,industrial racking systems, would it be too exciting? She says at once: "I call the maid of honor to come over to serve." "No, you come." Yan Xuan smiled and stretched out his arms. Ruan Ning steeled himself and went over. He took off the jade belt with trembling fingers, untied the button, and took off Yan Xuanzhan's blue robe. He was wearing a light moon white Zhongdan inside. Ruan Ning did not dare to look carefully, but vaguely felt a man's breath on her face. She quickly lowered her head and touched her waist at random, trying to untie the belt. Yan Xuan has been laughing, the more she twisted her face and did not dare to look, the easier it is to touch the place that should not be touched, unconscious teasing, so this is the feeling. Then he presses her hand, say leisurely: "Imperial concubine, your hand is very not honest." Ruan Ning was startled, and when she opened her eyes, her hand was pressed by him and was falling not far from there. He must have done it on purpose, radio shuttle racking ,shuttle rack system, and he blamed it on her, and he couldn't do it, but he was so wretched! Ruan Ning did not dare to refute, hold back the gas to pull out his hand, continue to help him undress, Yan Xuan chuckled, she now looks like a puffer fish! On the spur of the moment, he suddenly hugged her, pushed her back to the bedside, and pressed her heavily. Ruan Ning began to panic again, and could only silently say in his heart, "He can't, he can't, don't be afraid." What are you thinking? Yan Xuan lowered his head, found the cherry lips accurately, bit them lightly and heavily, then untied her belt and threw her clothes aside. Ruan Ning's heart was in his throat, but Yan Xuan just reached in and touched the skin of his waist, and soon fell asleep. Ruan Ning breathed a sigh of relief, Sui slow information is still very accurate, Yan Xuan really can not. Sun Xianfei came to visit again early the next morning. Unfortunately, she was blocked at the door. Gao Song said with a smile, "Your Majesty is sleeping here. I haven't got up yet. Xianfei will go back first." Sun Xianfei's countless words were stuck in her throat. When Ruan Ning woke up, his whole arm was numb. Yan Xuan was very honest. He slept on her shoulder all night. He woke up earlier than her. He was looking at her with a slight tilt of his head. His dimples were looming: "The imperial concubine likes to sleep late." Ruan Ning coughed lightly and said humbly, "Your Majesty, my arm is numb." Yan Xuan raised his eyebrows, and sure enough, he moved away. He jumped out of bed with a fresh body and asked someone to come in to serve and wash. Then he said to Gao Song, "Companion, the imperial concubine worked hard to serve me last night. Her arms are a little uncomfortable. Ask some medical girls to massage her." In less than an hour, all the women in the harem heard that the new imperial concubine was so happy that her limbs were paralyzed. Your Majesty specially summoned the Imperial Medical Bureau to come for treatment. Several concubines from an aristocratic family gathered at Sun Xianfei and looked at each other. It was a long time before someone whispered, "So your Majesty favors her?" The faces of several people were a little strange, half confused and half aggrieved. They have been in the palace for many years, although they have been accompanied, but they have never been favored by Yan Xuan. Why did a princess of an enemy country come out first? Besides, what kind of posture do they use? Why are they paralyzed? Could it be that Yan Xuan looked at the imperial concubine differently because she had mastered some skill that they did not know? This is worth studying! Ruan Ning learned from Mammy that she was so happy that she needed medical treatment. Mammy was half distressed and half excited to comment: "I didn't expect Your Majesty to know how to love people so much. Princess, you should take good care of yourself. Don't be afraid of temporary hardship. When you give birth to a child, you will have a firm foothold in this harem!" Ruan Ning is speechless and looks at the sky, woman, when you gossip, can you pass it on reliably! That afternoon, under the leadership of Sun Xianfei, a wave of women came to Qixia Palace again. This time Yan Xuan was not there, but Gao Song was still smiling at the door: "Report back to Xianfei. Your Majesty is considerate of the hard work of the imperial concubine. He specially asked her to have a good rest. No one can disturb her." Sun Xianfei's dignified face flashed a trace of jealousy. Who does not know your majesty is the most rely on Gao Song, for a moment can not leave,heavy duty cantilever racks, now can be good, unexpectedly put him here to guard the imperial concubine, that woman in the end what foxy means!.