Ravaged, you are also reborn.

He shook his head slightly and leaned gently on his lover and murmured. Forget it, whether the power of Qingxue is exaggerated or not! Let's guess if Qingxue and Faith can win this time. Seeing that the topic had been pulled away, Polav hurriedly pulled the topic back.

Ye Rumeng frowned, "I don't think so." She shook her head, and in front of her, Ravaged became a person again. No, she seems to have been trying to ask him a question, but what is it? I can't remember now. What's not like? Ye Rumeng pressed his temple and felt a little dizzy, but he still cheered up. "You like me, just like Yan Duoduo likes me. You just think it's fun, but you don't really want to marry me. Big Brother Song is different. He likes me.." It's the kind of person who wants to hold your hand and grow old with you for a lifetime. Zhu Rong was silent, and Ye Rumeng thought he was right and patted him on the shoulder. "When you really like someone later, you will understand." "What kind of love do you think Lord Rong has for you?" "Him?" Ye Rumeng looked up at the crescent moon hanging in the dark night and said in a low voice, "I don't know.". I used to think he was playing with my third sister, but now it doesn't seem like that. He feels so strange. He looks at others with cold eyes, but sometimes when he looks at me, I feel like he's like a wolf, as if he wants to eat me. Ye Rumeng felt tired, people also inexplicably relaxed a lot, lying lazily on the blanket, so looking up at the moon, "I think the world is really wonderful, you said I used to like Lord Rong so much, how can I not like it at all now, in addition to fear, or fear?" "You.." Ravaged heart a move, quietly according to come over, whispered, "do you like him?" She also said.. Like him so much? Ye Rumeng's lips are curved and his eyes are blurred. "I used to think he was really good-looking. He didn't like to talk to anyone. Every time he talked to his third sister, I envied him. I wish the person in front of him was me,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but not." I just watched, watching his lips open and close. At that time, I felt that what he said was very nice. He has a total of. Ye Rumeng raised his hand and counted his short fingers. "He talked to me six times in total, six times.". I asked my sixth sister, and the sixth sister said that Lord Rong had not spoken to her once, and like the fifth sister, who often spent time with the third sister, she said that Lord Rong had only spoken to her twice. Ravaged Rong wanted to think, silently counted in the heart, oneself and she said a total of four words,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, that is, four times, where six times, then carefully asked: "What are you talking about?" "I remember, the first time, I called out'Rong Shizi ', he gently'um'; the second time, I still called out'Rong Shizi ', he looked at me, then'um'.. Usually he doesn't like to look people in the eye, and every time he passes by. But I tell you, once, he looked at me, he really looked at me. I thought he had a little bit of affection for me, always fantasizing that, well, he might like me a little bit. Ravaged lips, that time, he is really looking at her, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, he secretly looked at her, I do not know why, can not help but look at her in the corner, her head was low, but suddenly looked over, as if to see him looking at her. Of course, his heart suddenly jumped and he hurriedly lifted his feet and left. You don't know, the last four times, he took the initiative to talk to me. He asked me-is it delicious? Ye Rumeng then thought of the last time, that time, she panicked, hands covered with blood ran out, just hit him, he asked her-what happened? It should be the most awkward time in her previous life, and it was the last time they met in their previous life. But that time, what happened was so terrible that she didn't want to think about it any more. Illusion! Illusion! Ye Rumeng's voice suddenly rose, "self-sentimental ah!" "Shh." Ravaged by twisting eyebrows, motioned to her to keep her voice down, this little girl, how can the capacity for liquor be so poor, two cups of peach blossom brewed drunk? She also said that she wanted to attack him on the wedding night, but she was afraid that she would be drunk and dizzy after a glass of wine, and that he would not know if she had eaten it. In fact, I have always liked gentle boys, just like brother Song. "Ye Rumeng chattered again," but since, since that year he saved me, I never thought that the original boy will be martial arts. In fact, it is also very. Good-looking. But you said.. Why does he want to skin people? Skinning people, how can he do it? Why would he be so cruel? Ye Rumeng could not figure it out, but felt that his brain was in a mess like paste at the moment, and he spread out his hands and asked the sky. Ravaged Rong bent down and whispered in her ear, "He didn't do it." Ye Rumeng heard his voice, turned his head to look at him, and saw that his phoenix eyes were close at hand, and each of his long eyelash feathers could be seen clearly, "Your eyes." It's really nice. Ye Rumeng raised his hand, which was a little heavy, but it was empty. Before her hand fell down, he caught it gently in the air. The next moment, Ye Rumeng's eyelids closed heavily. Chapter 74 Qingshi Love. Ravaged eyes, quietly looking at her. At that time, you liked me so much. But at that time, I only had a faint love for you, and I was always too late. He raised his hand and gently rubbed her face, pointing to the smooth red skin under her belly, like a ripe peach, which attracted people to pick. Perhaps it was his caress that brought a slight itch. Ye Rumeng twisted his eyebrows in his sleep, and Zhu Rong withdrew his hand with nostalgia. After a long time, a very light kiss, like the wings of a butterfly, stopped gently on her warm lips. Ye Rumeng woke up the next day, I do not know why, subconsciously touched his lips, and felt some headache, the wine is obviously very thin and very light, how can the stamina be so great, the killer will not be deliberately to get her drunk? Alas, I had a nightmare again last night. I dreamed that Lord Rong kissed her, and she looked forward to it, as if it were a concubine. Bah! Bah! Ye Rumeng shook his head repeatedly and rubbed his temples with both hands. Seeing that Ye Rumeng had already got up,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, Ziyi came around from behind the screen, pushed open the east window, and the bright sunshine came in. sxthsteel.com