No.38, Pansidong

As I scribbled words, I pulled the grey hair to turn around and run away. Sanliu suddenly moved. She stood up and picked up Li Shusheng. That's right,best whirlpool tub, not hugging, not carrying, not pulling. It's a threat!.

With the help of Feng Yi and Zi Heng, it didn't take much effort to unlock the curse of the cave door, but when we entered the door, I was very careful to lay a net at the entrance of the cave to prevent moths from fishing in troubled waters. Seeing my relief, Grey Big Hair pulled me aside and whispered, "Master, Uncle Sanliu is awake." "Isn't that a good thing?" "But what does Li say? You can always see for yourself." "I don't care about that." I immediately pushed clean: "middleman, guarantor, matchmaker can not be a good job, things done no one think you are good, things will be all the blame on you.". We don't care about this thing, just eat and drink well, and don't be careless. Master, did you go out smoothly this time? By the way, where is Uncle Sanqi? I was discouraged at the mention of it. "Well, it's a long story." The name of the chapter is really terrible. I racked my brains and took out one like this. It's the second watch. I need a ticket. Text 88 The Insurer and the Matchmaker As soon as I talked about Sanqi's abnormality and running away, Huidamao's opinion was not the same as mine: "Master,Whirlpool bathtub, in fact, I said that it's good for Sanqi to leave.". Www.” "Hm?" I wondered, "What's wrong?"? Is she.. Where did I offend you? "Master, actually." I don't think she's the same person as you. You don't know what she thinks, and you don't even talk to each other. She doesn't tell you anything, and you don't know what she's doing all day. Remembering the past is one thing, but it also depends on who it is. Take me for example,5 person hot tub, I will. As he talked, he turned the corner and began to boast about his benefits. I listened to him with a smile. However, the grey hair is not wrong. Me and Sanqi, really. Not a passerby. I feel something myself. As the saying goes, different ways do not work together. I was less worried when I was told this by the big grey hair. Sanliu, where is she? "At the Sky Pavilion." The pavilion in the sky was on the left, where I had a sudden idea to twist out a leisure place. It turned out to be a very open and far-reaching karst cave. It was very deep and dark below. There was also an underground river. It took a long time to hear a faint sound of water when I threw a stone down. I built a pavilion in the air there. There were only a few iron cables to fix it, and there was no path bridge to connect it. Stone lamps were lit on all sides, and the pavilion was quiet and deep, where a song was played and sung, and the echo was deep and distant, continuous and faint, endless pool factory ,outdoor hot tub, around the beam for more than three days, as if it had entered another world. I'm heading that way. He asked in a low voice if there was anything unusual in the big gray hole. He replied that it was business as usual. The spider clung to its web. The mice are on guard. I told him about the moth. Grey hair suddenly smiled: "Master.". I'm not bragging. Our Pansidong may not be able to cope with other places. But with the thousands of eight-legged girls under your hands, Shifu. Set up a net to catch flying insects, which is unique. That being said. But don't take it lightly. Talking. I have reached the place where there is no way to go. In the distance, you can see a dark distance. The light of the pavilion in the sky is as dim as the moon. There are two people in the pavilion. One, of course, is 36. One.. "Lee?" "Where?". He won't. Said the grey hair. Then how did he get there? "Hey, I just said it was a strange thing. Uncle Sanliu forced him to take him over, but he took him over, and they didn't speak.." I wondered, "So far away, do you know if they said anything?"? Is it difficult for you. Eavesdropping? "Every sound in the pavilion echoes on all sides.". They haven't made a sound from the past to the present. It must be that they haven't spoken. Grey big hair argues: "Say I want to listen again, still must oneself go eavesdropping?"? Just call a little spider over. I looked at him, and the grey hair shook his hand hurriedly. "I didn't say anything.". Ture. "I can't take care of Uncle Sanliu's busywork, and I can't afford it." "It's good that you know." Looking at the two people in the pavilion, one standing and the other sitting, they neither moved nor spoke for a long time. After a while, a man sat down, but the one who was sitting stood up again. Keep silent. Are they going to do a pantomime? Pantomime has to be compared, right? Grey Big Hair murmured in a very low voice, "I said, Uncle Sanliu is not so straightforward.". If you really like it, push it down. Once the raw rice is cooked, everything will be done. Hey, hey, hey. I gouged him out with an eye knife, and he laughed cheekily at me. "That's what I said.". Look at the leaders of the village and the cave. Grab a lady of the village and face the prime minister. How crisp and neat that is. I didn't even bother to stare at him. The mouth of the big grey hair. A dog's mouth can't spit out ivory, and a mouse's mouth can't spit out good words. Forget it. I don't care. Go about your business. I was about to turn around and walk away when suddenly a cry came from behind me: "Taohua!" The voice was not too high, but the whole cave echoed with the sound, Taohua Taohua Taohua Huahua. I froze and turned around. Why did Li Shusheng call me? However It's strange that I have a feeling of palpitation when he usually speaks. The sound he called me just now. How do I feel.. Just like in the novels. His chest seemed to be hit by a heavy hammer, and his thoughts were followed by aftershocks. What's the matter? My voice is buzzing. It sounds abrupt and rude, but anyway.. It's silly. Please, can you take me there? "Eh?" I'm stupid. This This request is really.. To be honest, his request is very legitimate, and it's not a difficult thing to do, but. This I was standing on the side of Sanliu. She took people there. No matter what plans she had, even if she wanted to starve Li Shusheng to death in the pavilion, it was none of my business. How could I tear down her platform? That one Mr. Li, what about this. As I scribbled words, I pulled the grey hair to turn around and run away. Sanliu suddenly moved. She stood up and picked up Li Shusheng. That's right,best whirlpool tub, not hugging, not carrying, not pulling. It's a threat!.


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