The most powerful son-in-law in history

As I scribbled words, I pulled the grey hair to turn around and run away. Sanliu suddenly moved. She stood up and picked up Li Shusheng. That's right,best whirlpool tub, not hugging, not carrying, not pulling. It's a threat!.

This is the only way, there is a glimmer of hope. But Chen yuan knew that Li yuanhao would never do it. He took a deep breath, Zhang yuan, this guy is really annoying, let Wu Hao kill him: "Wu Hao how to do yuan?" Xia Sui stepped forward and said in a low voice, "This still needs the cooperation of the emperor's son-in-law. Won't you ask those Dangxiang people to come to your party in a few days?"? Wu Hao means that there must be someone among them who keeps in touch with Li yuanhao. Can we use their mouths to let Li yuanhao know that Zhang yuan sent someone to negotiate with us in private? Chen yuan listened and laughed, a very simple idea. But it is most appropriate to use it on Li yuanhao now. Li yuanhao has nothing left, he only has that dragon robe, at this time he will not let people touch his dragon robe. If anyone tried to touch his dragon robe, he would kill the man. If he knew that Zhang yuan was in private contact with himself, Li yuanhao would not be soft-handed. Chen yuan nodded, "Do you have any tokens of Zhang yuan?"? If there were, it would be perfect. Xia Sui said, "Here is a handle of a folding fan that Zhang yuan often uses, and there are poems written by himself on it." Chen yuan took it in his hand and saw that Zhang yuan's handwriting was very good, which was not inferior to Chen Shimei's beautiful small script at all: "Well, I know how to do it. Go back and tell Wu Hao to leave the matter here to me.". Does Li yuanhao have any plans to make trouble this time? Xia Sui's throat moved: "Of course he won't let you form the alliance safely. He knew that Jiao Shi Luo would come here in person,massage bathtub manufacturers, so he sent Ye Li Yu Qi as a general to attack Jiao Shi Luo's territory at that time. As for here, he was going to come in person, saying that he wanted to give you a blow.". Wu Hao didn't know exactly how to do it, and Li yuanhao didn't tell anyone about it. Chen yuan pondered for a moment and then said, "Well, I know everything.". Don't rush back. At least rest here for two days and keep fit. I don't want you to hang it up and sell it as ribs after you finish the party. It is not only Li yuanhao's family that Dangxiang sells human flesh now, but also those who rebel against Li yuanhao have a better life than Xingqing Mansion. They all count on the Song army to help them some,outdoor endless pool, but now the people of the Song Dynasty are not enough to eat, in addition to Li Shibin, a party who has submitted to the Song Dynasty, the aid is a little more generous, the other tribes are also careful. This time, Chen yuan asked them to say very clearly that it was to "establish an alliance to fight in a unified way, so as to facilitate the Song army to provide them with assistance, and initially plan the territory owned by each tribe after the victory." This is related to how much food they can get, but also related to their future territory, there is no reason not to come. And if you don't come, in case your own territory is targeted by others one day later, won't you be finished? So among the twenty-six tribes, endless swimming pool ,endless pool swim spa, although some of them were as far away as Jiao Si Luo and Wei Mu Shi, they still tried their best to attend the meeting. Among them, the Weimu clan even made a detour to Mongolia, passed through the Liao State, entered the three passes, and came to Yaode City from the Song Dynasty. They were the last of all the tribes to come. Fortunately, when Chen yuan sent them a letter, he said that he would wait for them to come, so he was not very anxious. When the guard curtain suddenly came, he was really shocked by the scene of Yaode City now. It used to be a small town with a population of thousands. But now, the number of Dangxiang people around Yaode City has reached 780000. This number in any tribe means that they have at least thirty or forty thousand soldiers to fight. Enough to look down on all the Dangxiang families. In the past, the Wei Mu family also had such a force, but now it doesn't work. Those Dangxiang people were not forcibly recruited into the army by the Song Dynasty. The guard suddenly saw that the men of Dangxiang were plowing the land under the command of the soldiers of the Song Dynasty. Presumably, the Song army wanted to make this their farm. This is not impossible, in the Tang Dynasty, here is the field, although not as fertile as the land in the south of the Yangtze River, but self-sufficiency is absolutely not a problem. The women on the side of the road were building grass huts, and everyone had a smile on their faces. The guard suddenly realized that they were smiling because they could see hope. Their own tribe can also see hope, in the view of the guard curtain, as long as they can quickly defeat Li yuanhao, let the tyrant who dragged Dangxiang into a situation beyond redemption disappear, and rebuild relations with the Song Dynasty, in a few years they will restore the scene in Li Deming's era. Don't be rich, at least don't starve, don't eat women. Although he did not know Chen yuan, but since the guard family sent him, it shows that he is a very capable person, at least in the guard family is outstanding. Although his eyes were vicious, he saw Chen yuan standing at the gate of the city to greet him from a distance, which made him feel flattered. He hurriedly got off his horse and ran forward. The little man was frightened. It was already a sin to come a few days late and let the son-in-law wait for a long time, but he still worked for the son-in-law to come out in person. He was really frightened. Wei Mu Hu is said to be a standard Song etiquette, a 90-degree bow. Chen yuan hurriedly helped him up: "What did the general say?"? It's right to wait for the general to come. If our alliance doesn't have a general, won't it lose a lot of color? Although the curtain is still very modest, but Chen yuan's words really make him very useful, after all, their family has been unpopular for a long time. Had it not been for Chen yuan's defeat of Li yuanhao, Li yuanhao would have turned around and cleaned them up. So they can be said to be the most resolute people against Li yuanhao. Chapter 481 Bai Yutang training. Chapter 481 Bai Yutang training. Although everything is very difficult now, Chen yuan still decorates the conference room as beautiful as possible. He is a trader,jacuzzi swim spa, deeply aware of the importance of face, if they set up a broken temple to let these people come to the meeting, then their trust in themselves will be greatly reduced. Twenty-six tribal leaders mean twenty-six hearts.


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