Li Liang-Kuangxia Nangong Ying

As I scribbled words, I pulled the grey hair to turn around and run away. Sanliu suddenly moved. She stood up and picked up Li Shusheng. That's right,best whirlpool tub, not hugging, not carrying, not pulling. It's a threat!.

Nangong Eagle gritted his teeth and punched hard, but another wild flow suddenly hit him again, which made his chest ache and even retreat. After a few steps, he had no choice but to flash to the back of the old pine on the left side, and the strength of the palm was swept as usual, so that the thick old pine broke waist-high and collapsed. Come down, frighten the nearby guard birds and beasts to disperse. Nangong Eagle still wanted to hide, but Shuidajiang was not willing to let go. It was a fatal slap, forcing Nangong Eagle to fight back. Hit. In a hurry, he could only use the mental method of the nervous old man to resist. With a roar, the two sides bounced off, and the strong wind scattered around the branches and leaves flying, and the wind roared. Nangong Eagle hit the wall again, and his chest hurt even more. He had to stop running the strange mental method to adjust the injury. For the need of the injury, he simply sat down. Come on, double palm congeals ten, luck is ceaseless. Luoyang Wangshui Dajiang was knocked back a few steps is the old face without light, chest blood gas unexpectedly also followed up. Does he wonder? Explanation, where does Nangong Eagle get this skill? And it seems that Vietnam is more and more brave? He did not believe in evil and thought he had been negligent. Regulate Qi at the moment, and prepare for the second trick, "Buddha is as deep as the sea". Hand, slowly forced to go, sneer more than: "You, can go through the old man's seven strokes, young people in the world, you are the most brave." Fierce! Nangong Eagle managed to squeeze out a smile: "Where, I have a stronger … …" You'll see in a minute. I dare not talk much. So as not to bleed again at the corners of his mouth. It's not too late to throw in the towel! "It's not too late to hand over your daughter now!" "Good, hard enough!"! Try the old man's palm again! Shuidajiang suddenly flew forward, his body was like a mountain, and his palms were left and right to attack, as if two rolling waves were surging into the river. River, endless raging in ten Zhangs around, the strong waves over the place,jacuzzi suppliers, broken grass and broken trees, debris shooting life pain, guards to avoid, have fled Flash. Nangong Eagle was involved in the whirlpool, clothes flying hair chaos, there is no place to escape, the water river suddenly and guffaw. Two palms force as hard as they can. For, the south palace eagle suddenly and turn over the palm to hit. The palms of both sides collided with each other, and the explosion was like a landslide. The Nangong Eagle sank deep into the ground, leaving only half of its body outside, while the river of water flew upside down like a bullet. Spray back, he even somersault,China spa factory, landing still shaking, hurriedly carry out the real strength to stabilize the body, blood gas more churning fast spit out blood. This is a phenomenon that he has never seen since he learned martial arts from the leaders of the nine schools more than ten years ago. Today, he will fall into one. In the hands of a young boy? This is too terrible! Terrible so that the water river refused to believe, even more angry, people fell to the ground, that is, has used the last kill move "Buddha destroy heaven and earth.". Two The palm, like a knife, was cut again and again, and the body flew up and ran after him, and then went back to the Nangong Eagle to attack. But see the palm shadow more and more fast, only like a thunderbolt fire bomb will burst open at any time, the body passed, into a meteor-like light and shadow flying. And down. Nangong Eagle was badly wounded, and when he saw the constant fighting, it seemed that there was only one way to fight hard, and the only way to think about it was to grab it quickly. On the occasion of splitting the palm, he shouted angrily, turning defense into attack, and hurried his palms to the light and shadow in the air. But feeling the invisible source of pressure, he fiercely supported, and then explored the strength of the palm, garden jacuzzi tub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, aiming at the shadow of the other side's palm, fiercely splitting the attack into a seal, and opposing the shadow of the palm. Live. Shuidajiangyou laughed wildly, ready to break each other's hands, do not know where the strength of the palm, Nangong Eagle suddenly removed the strength of the palm, instead of sticky strength. Stick to the palm of the other side, dare to think hard to fight the internal force. Do you dare to fight with the old man? The water river is frightened unceasingly, the other side is so, is not asking for hardship, in the absolute advantage, of course, he is not polite to print the palm. Go, both fall back to the ground, can no longer be separated. Nangong Eagle wanted to take this move, all because of the injury, so bounce to fight, always suffer a lot, but that is strange. Different heart method, every time, the internal strength is stronger, and the pain seems to be able to anesthetize. According to this, it is better to take a risk, and the other side of the hard internal force, or to take this opportunity to move out of the exercise, and even can surprise system. Win. How can Shui Dajiang know that the other side has secret skills and mental skills? I thought this boy was crazy enough, but as soon as he handed over his hands, he poured his inner strength into him and saved it. He thought that he would hurt the other party's internal organs and then he began to be willing. As soon as Nangong Eagle started, he felt that his overbearing strength was beyond imagination, forcing his palms to ache, and his whole body seemed to explode, which was simply impossible. Parry, he secretly complained, don't choose the wrong way and ruin your life. As soon as the water river reaches, it is known that the internal force of the other side is not as strong as imagined. It should be noted that the internal force of the other side depends entirely on real kungfu and is not a trick at all Get, since the other side is so, no different from already announced defeat, at that moment jokingly laugh: "Have you, want to admit defeat only, old man spares you one." Life! Nangong Eagle has been unable to reply, can only resist with all his strength, while he speaks, when the internal force is slightly weak, reluctantly adjust the flow of strength, silently luck. The mental method of the secret skill passed on by the nervous old man. One of the paragraphs seems to have such an explanation: "lead up force, hit down force, lead external force, hit internal force!"! Left turn, right turn, tiger. The mouth leads to a hundred meetings, and the governor gathers in the Dantian. This pithy formula seems to imply that it can drain the whole body by external force, or even suck it for one's own use. Because it will pass through the Baihui point on the forehead, this is a mystery. The loss of nerves has a lot to do with it, and Nangong Ying never dares to use this pithy formula to practice. Now, however, he was forced to have no choice, so he had to bite the bullet and try. As long as there was something wrong, he would admit defeat and save his life. Yes. Between the mind turns round, the water great river is forced to support hard again, that water peony can't wait more: "Father, clean him up quickly, so fight!" What's the point of going down? Without waiting for her father to react, she was already sneaking ahead, ready to attack and kill Nangong Eagle with a slap. Forget him. Nangong Eagle, however, felt that this woman was going to make a poisonous move. How could she dare to hold on? She roared and forced her hand to force her opponent. The water was cold. Laugh, hard pressure back, forced Nangong Eagle to change the word formula, attracted the other side to rush into the body. All of a sudden, the whole body's feeling of desperate struggle against pain was completely lost, and even because of the flow of internal strength, to the Jade Pillow and Baihui acupoints,whirlpool hot tub, people had Drink old wine, feel like a fairy. Shui Dajiang suddenly felt that his own internal force could easily break into the other side's body, so that he could break the other side's heart at will? Dare The Nangong Eagle admitted defeat and was overjoyed: "Why don't you withdraw your work?"! I shouted to three and withdrew at the same time! What can avoid the internal force of both sides? Injured by rebound.


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