Wolong Sheng Yu Shou Dian Jiang Lu

As I scribbled words, I pulled the grey hair to turn around and run away. Sanliu suddenly moved. She stood up and picked up Li Shusheng. That's right,best whirlpool tub, not hugging, not carrying, not pulling. It's a threat!.

So as soon as he heard the words of the master of Yanshan Palace, he stopped involuntarily. The chief inspector of the Yanshan Palace had already guessed his intention, so he ordered, "Nongyu, quickly prepare a room for Mr. Lu." Then he smiled and said, "You don't have to worry. I will never treat you badly." Lu Wenfei followed Nongyu to a guest room. Nongyu laughed in a low voice and said, "Master Lu, why do you take things too hard? My master of the palace really means a lot to you." Lu Wenfei shook his head and said, "Everyone has his own ambition. I'm afraid I'll let her down." Nongyu said, "Although the master of my palace can't help using some tricks in his daily work, there is absolutely nothing false about you and her." The tone of voice said again: "If you really disappoint her, she won't go to extremes." Lu Wenfei said, "When I come to Taihang this time, I'm not for fame, nor for profit. I'm only for my father's enmity." After a pause, he added, "After I finish this, I want Tianya to track down and investigate the murderer." Nongyu nodded and said, "The young man is open and aboveboard. I admire him very much.". In fact, working for the master of our palace is the same as working for the old master. He took one look at Lu Wenfei and said, "As for your father's enemy, the maidservant has already guessed a man.." Startled, Lu Wenfei grabbed her wrist and said, "Who is it?" Nongyu's face was livid. He gently moved his palm away and said, "Why are you so impatient?"? The master of the palace has already made plans for this matter. As long as she takes over the throne, she will do it for you. "I don't want to involve others in my own affairs," said Lu Wenfei. "Can you tell me if I'm here?" "Nongyu shook her head and said," The time hasn't come yet. I'm sorry I can't tell you. "Besides,jacuzzi bath spa, this man is very powerful. Even if he is the master of the palace, he will give him three points at the moment," he added in a slight tone. Lu Wenfei suddenly came to his senses and blurted out, "Are you avoiding the Lord of Qinzhuang?" Nongyu kept silent and slowly went out of the room. Lu Wenfei is very upset at the moment, one is to investigate his father's revenge, and the other is the safety of his master, so he walks back and forth in the room impetuously. Suddenly, the door was flicked twice. Lu Wenfei hurriedly opened the door and saw an old man in a brocade robe standing in front of the door. He recognized one of the three old men he had seen on the hillside. He quickly folded his fists and said, "What can I do for you, old gentleman?" "Is your father Lu Zijun?" Asked the old man in brocade robe as he walked slowly in. "Exactly," said Lu Wenfei. "How was he killed?" Asked the old man, sitting down. As soon as Lu Wenfei's nostrils were sour, he answered silently, "On a stormy night, he was besieged and killed by a group of black-clad warriors." "In Taihang?" The old man in brocade robe raised his face and asked thoughtfully and urgently. Lu Wenfei nodded and said, american hot tub ,whirlpool hot tub spa, "I was waiting on my mother at that time, so I didn't come out to check." The old man stretched out his hand and said, "Show me your gold medal." Lu Wenfei did not know his origin, and the gold medal was fake, and it was useless to take it out, so he bowed and answered: "I don't have any gold medals." The old man in the brocade robe snorted heavily, "You keep saying that you don't forget the old master. Would you like to serve the old master?" Lu Wenfei thought he had come to act as a lobbyist for the head of the Yanshan Palace, so he said, "If the descendants of the old master are useful, they will not hesitate to go through fire and water." The old man laughed and said, "I hope you can say what you mean. I won't say much now. Let's talk about it later." There was a gust of wind, and the man floated out of the house. Lu Wenfei couldn't change his mind, so he had to keep it in his heart. This temple was originally a large Zen temple in Taihang, presided over by many monks, but it was quiet at the moment, neither monks walking nor the sound of bells and drums. Lu Wenfei felt very upset in the quiet home ownership scheme and couldn't help striding outside the door. "Please don't leave the house, or it will be inconvenient," the tile said with a deep cry. Lu Wenfei felt a rush of anger and snorted coldly, "Whose order is this?"? I'm not a prisoner. The man in the room said in a deep voice, "I only know what to do under orders. I don't care about anything else." Lu Wenfei did not bicker with him and strode straight to the hall. But as soon as the figure flashed, two warriors in red clothes fell, each holding a sword in his hand. Said coldly: "Why don't you listen to advice?" Lu Wenfei is waiting for an attack. Suddenly a charming voice shouted, "Don't be rude. The master of the palace is asking us to invite Mr. Lu." When the warriors in red clothes heard the words, they both bowed and jumped back to the eaves. "Where is the master now?" Asked Lu Wenfei? I'm looking for her. "Nongyu hurried over on foot and said," Your teacher has already come. The master of the palace has brought the maidservant to invite you. Lu Wenfei said excitedly, "Where is the family teacher now? Take me to see him quickly." "Come with me," said Nongyu. Take a step to go first. She led him zigzagging through two large groups to a courtyard. "Please come in, sir," she said. "The master of the palace is inside." Lu Wenfei rushed in. I saw the master and the master of the Yanshan Palace sitting opposite each other and talking. At that moment, he rushed straight over, hugged Hu Wenchao's knees, and shouted: "Master!" He immediately broke down in tears. Hu Wenchao's face was expressionless and his expression was very quiet. "Get up," he said. "Don't be childish." "Master," Lu Wenfei sobbed, "it was the unworthy disciple who hurt you.." Hu Wenchao's face sank. "Wake you up," he shouted solemnly. "Did you hear me?" Holding back his grief, Lu Wenfei straightened up and turned to the head of the Yanshan Palace, saying, "My teacher is a retired man. He is at peace with the world. Why did you invite him here?" "He is one of the three emissaries," said the head of the Yanshan Palace. "If he doesn't come, how can he get to the bottom of the sea?" Hu Wenchao said, "The old man knows that he has become useless. He has already asked an old friend to do it for him. It doesn't matter whether I come or not." The Lord of Yanshan Palace suddenly realized that there was a sword ancestor in Taihang Mountain long ago. This person must be the person that he entrusts, then: "Who is the person that you entrust?" Hu Wenchao said slowly, "I'm sorry I can't disclose it at the moment. Anyway, he will come forward at that time. It won't be a mistake." The head of the Yanshan Palace lowered his face and said, "This palace is going to open the altar tonight to worship the ancestors and take over the throne. How can he not come?" After a pause,hot tub manufacturers, he added, "You have been entrusted by the late king, and you should be loyal to others. Is such a big thing a joke?" 。 monalisa.com


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