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The rabbit is not polite to Qin Yuesheng at all. "Lele, my sister will give you her phone number later. If Qin Yuesheng is not obedient at school, you can call her sister, OK?" As soon as Geng Lele heard that he could cure Qin Yuesheng,aluminum tile trim, he immediately became

"Why, can't it be my brother and sister-in-law?" Lele's eyes made Qin Yuesheng quite uncomfortable and stared at her. No, no, I've always wanted to have a brother, but I'm the only girl in the family. Lele shook his head repeatedly and looked at Qin Yuesheng. "Qin Yuesheng, your brother is so handsome. Why don't you look like him? Are you as handsome as your brother when you lose weight, or will you be as handsome as your brother when you grow up? When are you going to lose weight?" "Poof.." The little rabbit thought the little girl was so funny that even Jane Zhengyang couldn't help laughing. "Qin Yuesheng, it seems that you really need to lose weight." A happy little fat man firmly believed that he was a fat handsome man, and when he heard Geng Lele's obvious dislike, his face suddenly turned black, "Geng Lele, do you want to die?" "Oh, help!" Seeing Qin Yuesheng reaching out to grab himself, Geng Lele was so frightened that he immediately ran to the side. You stop right there. Qin Yuesheng did not care about anything else and went after Geng Lele to get justice. Looking at the young figure, the rabbit's eyes are envious. It's hard to imagine that now she is the mother of a seven-year-old child. The child grows up day by day, which means that she will grow old day by day. The word "old" is really a big blow to women. What's the matter? Jian Zhengyang noticed the loss of the rabbit and hugged her in his arms and asked her. The little rabbit looked up and smiled. "I just feel that time passes so fast. In a twinkling of an eye, I am thirty. In a twinkling of an eye, I will be old." Jian Zhengyang hugged the rabbit and said in silence, "If you are old,tile profile factory, I will be old, too." "Hehe.." When we are old, we will go for a walk in the park hand in hand, OK? The little rabbit thought that although she was afraid of old age, it would be a good thing to have him around all the time. Chien Cheng-yang shows his face. "Good." As the two men were whispering, the host of the party, Mr. Zhu,tile trim manufacturers, appeared in front of them. "Mr. and Mrs. Jane, it's a pleasure to have you two here. Welcome." The little rabbit smiled. "It's our disturbance. It's a courtesy to Wangwang. I hope you don't dislike it." "Ha ha, how come? I'm glad you can come." Mr. Zhu smiled and looked at Jian Zhengyang. "Although my company has no business contacts with Mr. Jian's company, I have some customers who have contacts with IT companies. They have always asked me to introduce some technical talents. Mr. Jian, I don't know if I'm interested in getting to know you later." "This is natural, and when the time comes, we will trouble Mr. Zhu." Jian Zhengyang did not open his mouth, and the little rabbit took it. All right. Knowing the feelings of two people, the words of the rabbit represent the words of Chien Zhengyang, and Mr. Zhu does not look at Chien Zhengyang, but looks directly at the rabbit and laughs. I think you should be busy, Mr. Zhu. You should do your own thing. We can stay by ourselves. The little rabbit said with understanding. All right. Mr. Zhu nodded, "Please forgive me if you don't greet me well. There's food over there. You can go there. If you need it, stainless steel tile edge trim ,stainless steel tile edging, you can find a waiter. I'll call Wangwang over and let him play with Yuesheng. This guy is still changing clothes upstairs. The little friends are still smug." "Oh, good." When Mr. Zhu went away, Jian Zhengyang pulled the rabbit to the side where he put the food. Although the people had not arrived yet, the place where the food was placed was ready. It was probably the chef and waiter invited by Mr. Zhu from other places. Rows of Western-style snacks were placed on the long table for everyone to eat. Most of the early arrivals were Zhu Wangwang's classmates and their accompanying staff. There are already some children here to get food, the rabbit and Jian Zhengyang walked over, Qin Yuesheng that eat loans, while putting a piece of cake into his mouth, while still chasing Geng Lele. Sister, help me. Probably by Qin Yuesheng chasing no way, Geng Lele saw Jane Zhengyang and the rabbit appeared at the long table, immediately ran to the rabbit, by the way called sister, although she wanted to call brother, but brother's face is too cold, or sister looks gentle, should not be left to die. Sure enough, the rabbit reached out to stop Qin Yuesheng in the back, "Yuesheng, don't run away. You see there are people coming and going here. What if you accidentally bump into them? If you get into trouble here, I'll let you not eat meat for a week." "Sister-in-law, I dare not." When Qin Yuesheng heard this, he immediately expressed his cleverness and joked that he was not allowed to eat meat for a week, which was more serious than beating him directly. He couldn't stand a meal without eating meat. It turns out that you not only eat meat, but also eat meat. No wonder you are so fat. You are a fat man all your life. It's hard to lose weight. Geng Lele laughed as soon as he heard it. Qin Yuesheng immediately threatened Geng Lele with his fist. "Don't think I won't bother you if I stand behind my sister-in-law. Hum, I'll borrow my exercise book later." Geng Lele was anxious when he heard this. "Qin Yuesheng, you are a stingy person. You will have a personal revenge if you are told a few words." "Well, who told you to say I was fat?" Qin Yuesheng looked up arrogantly. "I'm afraid I'll be too handsome when I'm thin. Everyone likes me so much now. If I were more handsome, it would be more troublesome. Look at my brother. Even if he's married, there are always people winking at him when he goes out. My sister-in-law is still in front of him. If she's not here, she doesn't know what's going to happen. You women are the most troublesome." Always look at the appearance but not the connotation. I will let those people know that the connotation is more important than the appearance. One day, I will find a girl who pays attention to the connotation to like me. When the little rabbit heard this, he stretched out his hand and twisted his ear. "Ok, Qin Yuesheng, how old are you to have such an opinion?"? Tell me where you learned it. What would you do if I told your parents? "Ah, sister-in-law, gently, I was wrong, I was wrong." "Smelly boy, so young to think about finding a wife, precocious is not such a familiar way." The rabbit is not polite to Qin Yuesheng at all. "Lele, my sister will give you her phone number later. If Qin Yuesheng is not obedient at school, you can call her sister, OK?" As soon as Geng Lele heard that he could cure Qin Yuesheng,aluminum tile trim, he immediately became interested, "good, good." 。


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