The Barbaric King of Online Games

The eldest brother is reasonable, but they don't listen, so the eldest brother oppresses people with his identity and scolds them for not making trouble for him and affecting the overall plan. The two bachelors often secretly went to watch the film crew shoot movies after completing

Endurance (6060) Required Level: 77 This shoulder pad also has nothing to do with Chu Zhong, and after it appeared in the team, the demand point of the big head doll is also so natural. He is the only one in the team who is proficient in shadow magic, and besides giving it to him, it is a waste of resources to fall into the hands of others. After distributing the equipment, Chu Zhong directly collected the body of BOSS into his backpack, and then went straight to the melting room on the right side of the hall under the guidance of the General of Heaven. Because there is nothing strange on the road, a few people easily came to the door of the smelting room, while the thief went to open the door, the battle of heaven will be told a few words. There are two groups of monsters in it. The group of monsters on the edge of the shadow furnace is easy to brush a small BOSS. If it's not brushed out, it's simple. After the thief opens the door, the soldier, Xiaode and the barbarian will block the door like before. We'll burn it directly. But if the small BOSS is brushed inside, it will be troublesome! The general of the Battle of Heaven pursed his lips and said to the thief,heavy duty cantilever racks, "After the thief opens the door, no matter whether there is a small BOSS inside or not, he will immediately retreat. With your level advantage, the monster inside the door should not be able to find you." "Understand." The thief promised as he opened the door. The battle of the day will hear the response of the thief nodded and then said, "If the inside really brush small BOSS,heavy duty rack manufacturers, then the task of attracting strange or to be beaten." He turned his head to look at the beating and asked, "Beaten, did you lead the Xiaoguai inside?" "No." He was beaten and shook his head. "When we came here before, we killed ordinary difficulty. At that time, we couldn't go to the upper level, so we didn't come here at all." By the time he was beaten and talked, the thief had pried open the door of the smelting room and succeeded in getting rid of the tracking of the monster inside with strong concealment. That's right. The battle of the day will look at the door, found that the inside really brush small BOSS, then said with a wry smile. Then you should pay attention when you attract monsters. He stepped forward, stood five or six meters to the right of the gate and called for the beating. Then he pointed to several elite monsters circling back and forth in the smelting room and said, drive in racking system ,warehouse storage racks, "Did you see the three little monsters inside?"? Wait a minute, you stand in this position, you pay attention to the first one of the three mobs, there is a wall lamp on the left wall of Li Kan's smelting room, you watch, when the first one just walks under the wall lamp, you shoot arrows at the last one! This is the only position that will not be drawn out together with the small BOSS inside. While the battle of the day will be beaten to tell the main points, Chu Zhong good things also looked inside, he found that there were seven monsters inside, including the small BOSS with three monsters around the edge of the shadow furnace, the other three mobs were constantly around the melting room around the circle, these mobs in addition to the small BOSS dressed up by the mage had not seen other mobs and the hall. They're all common species like the Holy Hammer Guard. This fellow pondered that the species he had seen outside should not be looked at, so he only threw an observation technique on the head of the small BOSS. Temple of Death Melting Master Barbarossa (Undead, Quasi-BOSS) Rating: 78 Qi and blood: 10840000 Chu Zhong was not so surprised to see Barbarossa's ten million Qi and blood after seeing the abnormal Qi and blood of the Light Believer Nert. Barbarossa belongs to the task type BOSS, although this small BOSS is not like the general character monster as fart hair does not fall, but the quality of the items dropped and the orthodox BOSS of the light believer Nelter is not comparable, especially in the next copy of ordinary difficulty, Barbarossa sometimes can even burst out whiteboard equipment, but the difficulty of this BOSS is not low. This makes those players who do not intend to go to the upper level simply give up the BOSS. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 274 Beaten pull strange technique is still quite strong, although he has never pulled the strange here before, but just listen to the battle of the day will say again, he will accurately pull out the 110 Xiaoguai. Then a few people according to the battle of the day will be said before the good play to destroy this group of 110, the melting room is only a group of Xiaoguai. The reason why this melting room is difficult is that the monster is not easy to lead. There are seven mobs in the melting room, four close-in physical monsters and three long-range law monsters (including BOSS). After being beaten and accurately separated the two monsters inside, there are only two holy hammer guards, one flame mage and one BOSS left in the melting room. Because there are two law monsters among the four monsters, and both warriors and druids are "vulnerable groups" in terms of law resistance (Germany and warriors are slightly worse than anti-riding law resistance), it may not be a big problem for them to be beaten or polar bears to resist a law BOSS or two law mobs, but let any one of them resist a small BOSS. I'm afraid it's going to be difficult, and the smelting room is limited. If you want other professions to control a small monster together, it's bound to be affected by the range attack of BOSS. This risk is absolutely impossible. So before the battle of the day did not say how to play, Chu Zhongyuan thought that this time he also needed a temporary guest appearance in the tank profession, but then he found that the development of things and his imagination seems to be somewhat different. Warlock,heavy duty cantilever racks, should you bring the dark resistance outfit? On the day of the battle, Chu Zhong had a sudden feeling when he asked the big head doll about the dark resistance. Yes This fellow heart's words brother how to forget the sorcerer, there is a big head doll this big sorcerer still need brother to show off a fart strong ah.


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